~Covid 19

~ personal goals

~losing weight

~ intermittent fasting

~time to read books

I have been doing home office for 4 and half weeks now. The first two weeks passed by without me doing any work on myself. There were several things I wanted to improved on myself but struggled due to the hectic lifestyle with waking up early in the morning to get ready and commute to and from work. Commuting every other week end to my family and to the gym. I often was not prepared, going the supermarket without a plan and ending up buying a lot of unhealthy food. Or I would buy a lot of vegetables but not finding the time to cook it. Also, I would often order unhealthy food on the week ends.

In my previous blog I told you that I started with intermittent fasting. It’s been 1,5 weeks now and I have lost 1,5 kilos. I feel great and in the morning when I break the fast I really am looking forward to the food and I really enjoy the food. I had forgotten the feeling of being hungry as would always be eating somethings without ever being hungry. As I am writing the blog its 7pm and I stopped eating one hour ago. My last meal of the day was a fruit salad containing one banana some grapes and one orange. I am not craving any food nor do I get hungry usually. I will break my fast tomorrow at 10 am.

I hope that I will continue losing around one kilo per week and will be in total 4 kilos lighter by end of April. My goal would be losing in total around 10-13 kg so that would mean if I continue to lose 1 kg per week that I would reach my goal by end of June/mid of July. I am looking forward to end of May because by then I will have a weight where I know I do really look slim and feel good. the last 4 kilos will be easier. I feel it’s always easier to stick to a healthy diet and workout if you already feel slim and fit. My second goal was to work out several times a week. This week I have only worked out twice for 30 min each. I need to start being more consequent with my workout next week.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I ordered a book. I am so excited and cant wait to get it delivered. It is “the little friend” from Donna Tartt. I am expecting it to be delivered by Friday next meek. I also ordered for my sister the book “eat that frog” from Brian tracy and will read it as well. So the week after next week will be consisting for me by reading a lot (on the terrasses , in bed, in the living room) and losing weight.

I try to make the best of this situation, If I end up with 5 kilos less after the lockdown then I know that personally I have done the best out of this unusual situation.

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