~ Corona

~ working out

~ intermittent fasting

In the last blog I told you how I wanted to use the current Situation to benefit my health and body. I have been doing regular exercise for one and half week now. Its 30 min online exercise course from cyberfitness.de which I am doing 4-5 times a week. I got a voucher from my employer for free access until end of 2020. I am doing the training outside with my sister on our terrasse usually every work day after work around 5pm. We started with the exercise series that focuses on legs and abs. So the fitness part is working however I noticed that working out alone does not help with losing weight and without rules I tend to eat and snack whatever I want at anytime which made me feel that I was gaining 1kg each week which was awful as I usually do not tend to gain weight very easily.

So I did some research to find a diet that would work for me and which was not restrictive in terms of what and how much I could eat since I do not like to count calories and I do not want to cook my own food. Since, Corona I moved to my family and everyday there is a cooked meal so no need for me to prepare my own food. I first thought about replacing my breakfast with a green smoothie but realised I had to do a lot of shopping of fresh green vegetables and it would not be practicable in the morning to make so much noise and in addition I may not like the taste. In addition, I like a breakfast with eggs or some kind of oats with fruits. So this option was not going to work for me. Then I stumbled on the intermittent fasting youtube videos especially I liked those from Dr. Berg. There are different approaches and I selected the 16:8 method where I fast for 16 hours (6pm to 10 am) and eat in a 8 hours period (10am to 6pm). Dr. Berg recommends to eat 2 to 3 meals during this period without snacking in between. Of course I try not eat burger, fries and pizza everyday. On the second day I lost 1kg which was good because in the last weeks I have only been gaining weight and to see the scale moving in the opposite direction was a good sign. I also know that there was properly a lot of water etc. that I have lost. Today is day 3 of my intermittent fast. I will try not to weigh myself every day because it demotivates and distracts from the main goal which is to look and feel better it is not the number on the scale. Nevertheless, My goal is to lose in total 9- 13 kg because that was the weight I felt the best. I hope I can lose the first 6 kilos by end of this months and focus on the last 7 kilos in May and June.

Please note that I am only sharing my personal goals and experience I am no health practitioner and the things I am doing are not beneficial for everyone so please inform yourself and talk to your doctor before starting with intermittent fasting or any other fitness regime.

I need to admit I am not reading as much as I had planned and have still not completed the book “out of the box” on which I wrote on one of my previous blogs. But this week end there is some great whether and I will certainly be sitting outside in the garden a lot and will have time to read the book.

Stay healthy, stay safe and see you soon on my next blog

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