Covid 19

As most people I am working from home for more than 3 weeks now. I canceled some parlor appointments I had planned for my weekends and hardly leave the home which luckily includes a garden and terrace. The first two an half weeks I did not do much that would benefit my soul and body at the end of this very unusual times. However, I noted that I have more time since I do not have to commute anymore and do not need to travel during the week -end from my place to my family’s place. Automatically, I started to go to bed much earlier and could sleep in one hour longer each day. Overall I started to feel less stressed and was not as tired as usually.

Luckily, I realized that this is a good time to lose some weight. To my benefit I got a voucher for using online gym classes until end of 2020 for free from my employer. So, this is the third day I am doing a 30 min gym class every day after work at 5 pm. I feel my muscles which is a good sign. We do the fitness outside at the terrasse and the movement outside in the fresh air does also has positive effects on my mood. I am very happy about my fitness routine even though it’s just 30 minutes it is quite intense and I feel that’s sufficient for the first 30 days.

I also started to eat healthier but there is a long way to go. I am curious about the progress I will made in 30 days (still 27 days to go). However, I need to improve more on my eating style. Even though I was eating much healthier the last three days I still had once a day an iced coffee which I need to stop doing.

The final thing I really want to do is to order a lot of books on health. I have so far focussed on reading business books, personal finances and personal development books. I want to focus less on money now but more on my health. I haven’t ordered them as I am a bit hesitant about the whole current situation. I don’t know whether books are still delivered and a bit hesitant on having unnecessary contact e.g. with the delivery person.

Have you stocked up your books? what are you reading at the moment?

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