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~ Jane the virgin

~ writing

When I first heard and read about the series “Jane the virgin” I hated everything about it especially the name. I found it disrespectful towards women to focus so much on whether they have had sex in their live or not. It reminded me so much of the cultures where it is required that women remain virgins until they marry whereas the boys can do whatever they please before and after marriage. I did not understand why being a virgin or not being a virgin was so important that a whole telenovela had to be named after it.

So I refused to watch the series for many long years until…….. November 2019 where I gave it a try on Netflix. I must say I enjoyed watching the series even though I am still not agreeing with many parts of the series especially when women are portrayed as the one who are either very romantic like Jane not caring about money too much or are cold hearted money centered evils like Petra….

Whatever my blog is not about Jane. But watching the series I kind of started liking the romance part, the motherhood part even though whoever knows me also knows that I don’t care about romance… I am more practical…

Even though I am dating someone for over a year know I did not realize that I actually liked the idea of becoming more intimate meaning going together on a vacation, living together and having a baby together. All that was for sure some very deep hidden wishes of mine that I have probably never realized before…. Sorry I am drifting again the blog is not about my relationship… It’s about the fact that Jane is a writer and she published a book (even though not a very successful one).

Writing a book was something I wanted to do for quite some time. I have also several drafts started one was intended to be an ebook on how to get once live in order starting from eating healthy to personal finance. At some point I started with a novel about humans being attacked by animals like a planned and organized attack; the more I was surprised when I saw Netflixed added a series called “Zoo” last year which deals on a very similar topic. I have always idealized the writing act; I imagined being in an isolated beautiful place in the mountains or the Sea and writing a novel knowing it will be published and a huge advance payment in the bank. I know that’s not how it is usually. I liked the idea of solitude, no internet and being all by myself with one single well defined goal “writing a book”. However, I never completed a book. I do not like uncertainty. If I write a book I need to know in advance that it will be published however there are no guarantees as an author and a lot of uncertainties and I do struggle with uncertainties. Maybe starting a blog is a good training to becoming in the habit of writing regularly and maybe one day I will be in a writing flow and use this flow to write a book.

Which topics would you want me to write a book. I do have several topics that I like e.g.:

~ about my experience working in a large accountancy firm where I experienced by myself and also head of several cases of sexual harassment against women. And how the “boys club” advantages men and makes making career for a women so difficult in an “developed” european country.

~ the story of humans being attacked by animals (birds and sea animals mainly).

~ a little book with stories of courageous people I have met during my life with heartbreaking, encouraging and inspirational stories.

Watching Jane going through the whole process of having a dream of being an author, going to writing classes, actually writing a book and having it published, made me rethink of my goal (that I have had many years ago). I thought of joining a meetup thats meet every week for a few hours where everyone writes on his own project.

Did you ever wanted to write a book? Did you start? did you complete or even published it?

Stay safe and happy

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