~ working from home

~moved back to family

~stocking food and water

~ fueling our souls

In the current very unusual situation most people are worried about having enough food, water and hygiene supplies. I am really honest my first thought after hearing of the lockdown of cities and shops was will I be able to get books???? How long will my unread books at home last before I can go out shopping again??? Should I order books online as long as it is still possible??? Some supermarket have a small book shelf may be I can check it out next time I am buying grocery??? I usually go to physical book stores and like to chose my books over there instead of buying online.

Those were my worries, to be fair I moved to family who lives in a small city and here our supermarkets are still filled with a lot of food and I did not experience empty shelves here. We did a bit of a shopping like water, milk, rice, lentils and some tinned food so I was not worried about the basic needs.

I feel like I could use the current situation to work on myself since I am working from home now I gained at least 2 hours a day (commute, dressing up for work, waiting for the tram..). But Somehow, I haven’t made use of them very well the previous week. Maybe I needed some time to get used to this whole situation:

GOAL 1: I definitely want to eat healthier my goal for next week is to not eat anything after 6pm.

GOAL 2:I also want to go for a run every day starting from tomorrow and I really hope that there won’t be restrictions not allowing that. Where I am right now there are not many people around there are fields and a lot of space to still keep distance.

GOAL 3: I really need to calm my soul and fuel my brain. I feel anxious with this whole situation. The moment I start to feel better someone sends me a disturbing message on whatsapp on how worse everything will end up, economy, jobs some even talk about wars. I need to fuel my brain with good information and will read more. I already started my bedtime routine with reading 30 minutes before going to bed. Currently, I am reading the book “out of the box” from Mathias Morgenthaler. I have a separate blog post about this book. Once I am finished I will continue with the Book ” benjamin franklin” from Walter Isaacson. I saw this book on the shelf when I arrived at my families home. I bought this book in September 2012!!!!! YES in 2012!!!! It was during my first trip to the USA where we went to the Benjamin Franklin Museum and as only souvenir from the USA I bought this book for myself. I started to read this book but somehow could never finish it. Probably because its such a big book that I cannot carry around with me….I don’t know. But I will definitely finish the book in the next few weeks.

How do you spend your days? What do you miss the most? Will you order books online to have enough to read??

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