don’t make excuses


Do what you love

I really like talking about books with family, friends, colleagues … I like to give recommendations about which books to read, I often buy books as gifts for birthdays (on my nephews last years birthday I bought him the whole collection of his favourite manga) and I lend my books to whoever I believe needs it:

I have talked on one of my previous blog posts about the book “Megaliving” from Robin Sharma which I recommended and lend to my sister, she read it and said the book changed her live; it was exactly what she needed.

A family friend who came to visit us I gifted my all time favourite books “the goldfinch” as I during our chat I realized that she need a capturing book that would distract her from her own problems and loneliness. The list goes on and on.

But sometimes, I get frustrated even annoyed…. when people tell me they don’t have time to read. Since, I travel to work with the tram I usually carry a book to and from work and colleagues ask me about the books I am reading from time to time. So, again I was talking with a colleague about me always carrying books . So I asked her whether she likes reading too and so she tells me “ohh yesss I love reading but I usually don’t read as I don’t have time…”. I told her I have the same 24 hours and the same job and then she started ohh but I have a child and so on and so on. I understand everyone’s lives are different and everyone has different responsibilities; there are days also for me where I don’t read maybe my mind is somewhere else or I just don’t have the energy for it. But if someone loves doing something there will be a way to making some time for it be it 15 min in bed or on the tram.

Each book I read, had something valuable to teach to me; sometimes the reading experience was even magical and I do not want anyone to miss it. But then I also don’t want to persuade someone who already says I don’t have time for it. I believe it is a matter of the mindset if you really really want something you will make sure to find time for it and if not you will find excuses.

I do remember as a student it was very hard for me to find time to read since since there were no free days as I was also studying on most weekends. So what I would do if exams were not soooo close I would read during my train journey. But I must confess it was hard since I sometimes felt guilty reading a fiction book instead of the university relevant book or script.

How do you make time to read? do you do it daily?

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