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No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone” Nietzsche.

The book I am presenting to you today, starts its first page with a quote of Nietzsche. I did the same here since I love quotes, there are inspirational and make me wonder about life. 57 interviews from Swiss entrepreneurs are summarised in one book the outcome is — ” Out of the box – the luck of findings its true purpose in life” by Mathias Morgenthaler. I bought this book some 1.5 years ago and still hadn’t completed it. During some spring cleaning I found this book again and gave it another try. It’s packed full of inspirational stories of how people coincidently found their calling. Some people interviewed in the book had created businesses that were sold for millions to large corporations such as the smoothies “innocent” others may not be able to make a living (yet) out of their ventures but are having the best time pursuing what gives them joy such as a student who started a business of selling abonnements of handwritten and postcards.

Most of the stories started usually in large corporations where the individual either felt trapped or could not imagine him/herself working in such a way for the next 20 years;

Some were still students and coincidentally were able to make some money while doing what they liked;

A few went all in taking risk while others continued with their day job and worked on their side hustle in the evenings or weekends until it became their “full- time job”.

The stories were incredible inspiring to me and what stroke me the most that everyone had such a different story and product. While I personally cannot relate to the techfreak who at the age of 18 is paid by large corporations to advise them, I can actually relate to the student who realized she loves writing and started here hand written postcard business. It reminds me that each of us enjoys doing something and does not enjoys doing something else, we all have a unique skill set and do not need to start creating the next app just because we heard about someone selling his app and becoming a millionaire…..

Funny, though there is even a story of a young man who started his career in the same corporation where I am currently working for. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to do something, who has some goals outside of a corporate job and need some fresh ideas on how to go ahead or just to take the next step.

The one thing that learned from the stories in the book is that dont get discouraged when the people around tell you that your idea wont work or banks are rejecting your project. If you want to go your own way you will not only find applause but a lot of rejection and also have failures. Many of those who are described here in the book already started some kind of business before which was not very successful. So don’t be discouraged if your first project isn’t as successful as you wanted.

There are also a few stories of people for example the man who wants to make art available to everyone and works hours over hours but he knows he will never make a profit and he is happy about it. His goal and passion is art so he is fine and he continues without expecting that his passion will also be the source of income that he needs to survive financially.

I am currently spending a lot of time sitting outside in the garden and reading. Since during those times of the Corona Virus there is not much going out. So it’s a good time to read. The picture for this blog post was taken in Frankfurt where I live at the Main river when I was reading this book on a beautiful Saturday last week.

Keep save, healthy and get inspiration.

Yours XXX

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