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Did you read or heard about the book ” from the Monk who sold his Ferrari”. I didn’t until I travelled a few years ago to Mauritius to attend the wedding of a colleague and a good friend. My stay there was for two weeks and everyone who knows me knows that two weeks is just too much relaxation for me and the latest at the end of the first week I usually crave some mental stimulation, start to miss work …..

So I was on this beautiful Island, staying in a house with own garden and swimming pool, 5 minutes walk away from the beach. On the first few days we did shopping since it was a traditional wedding and I wanted to wear traditional clothing. Then the next 4 days we had the actual wedding celebration. It was a beautiful wedding. We would arrive early morning to the house of my friend were already family and friends had gathered and stay there until night celebrating the function. On the reception day we actually drove several hours to the town of the groom to pick him up and returned back to my friends house. By this time I was extremely tired and in need of some relaxed days. In the evenings I would usually read the book that I brought with me “the girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins which was also filmed a few years later … However I hated every page of this book from the time I started to start reading the first page to the day I read the last page (on the contrary my sister loved the book). I had no sympathie with the girl on the train, her drinking problems and her live in general. I am sure it was not the book that was the problem it was me, I was probably associating something to the characters of the book that I so hard wanted to avoid in my own life… becoming a failure….. and the main character was so much of a failure that it probably triggered something in me to hate the book….. I know that sounds crazy but yes….. I couldn’t understand why the girl on the train could not work harder on herself to solve her problems…. get back on her feet…. At that time I thought with hard work and discipline everything is possible… as such I detested it that the girl was wasting herself on broad daylight with alcohol , no money and no career maybe because that was my biggest fear in life….. Having no control over my life…

I remember sitting on my bed one evening, thinking how much I hated this book while reading it.

By the start of the second week, I was even missing my work so much that I could not wait to go back to work. I desperately needed some mental stimulation and was glad when the next day in the city center I saw a small book shop. There I roamed around but could not decide which book to take. The book shop was small and dusty.. I saw a title “the monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma but found the title not captivating enough so continued searching until the owner of the shop recommended to me a book called “chicken soup for the soul” similarly this book did not appeal to me. Then he recommended the book “Megaliving” by Robin Sharma. I gave it a try, before that I had not heard of the author before. The book appealed to me so I bought it and was excited to start reading.

Interesting is that all the books the owner recommended are kind of self improvement/self help books. Did he figured it out so fast what kind of person I was…. what kind of books I needed… was the little book shop a little hidden pharmacy of books? Where the owner knows by one look at his customers which book they need?

The next morning I sat next to the pool with my new book, reading, taking notes and getting inspired. In his book he is recommending very simple things but no one else that I know has ever written them down. The chapter I like most about the book is the “the 200 Master Secrets for Megaliving”. Here he provides 200 easy and simple to understand ideas how to improve your lives in a bullet point type of writing. The one point that I remember until now the most is that he mentions if possible to live in a flat/house with access to a pool since an evening swim can do wonders for you. I do not have access to a private pool but I try to find closeby pools in my area since an evening swim still provides me with so much inspiration and satisfaction. Also, while on vacation I love the evening swim when all tourists are already in their rooms …. I have the pool to myself… the water is warm but coming out of the pool with the little chill and cold outside… I Love that. He also says to wake up early and watch the sun rise once a week… It’s such a simple thing to do but imagine what this simple thing can do to your life… it will make you a happier person, provide you with inspiration…..

So the mornings of the last week of my vacation I used to study the book and take notes. During the day we would continue exploring the beautiful island the highlight was swimming with wild dolphins in the open see. We also saw a mini eiffel tower, the 7 coloured earth, did snorkeling, a cruise ending with delicious seafood barbecue on a private island. Nevertheless, I was full of inspiration… I could not wait to go back to normal life … go back to work and start using more of the great ideas stated in the book. In short, the book played a vital part during this year and probably influenced me in more ways than I am aware. I also started to watch youtube videos of Robin Sharma which I can also recommend.

The vacation, I am telling you about was around 4 to 5 years ago. During a recent move of my parents my sister found this book and started to read. She told me she is so grateful having found this book as it has helped her in so many ways… I am always a little proud when someone reads books that I recommend to them or in this case that I brought unintentionally in their life and which helped them improve their life.

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