When I first started to work (accounting consultancy), I loved the idea of working hard and long hours. I thought that I what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I hoped being very disciplined when it comes to work would separate me from those individuals which are not career driven and which are satisfied by having a decent 9 to 5 job with provides a decent 9 to 5 salary. I worked very hard and even though I worked hard it was very difficult at the beginning. I worked in a company were after two years from graduating from university you would become a “senior” meaning you would lead a team and report to the manager. Unfortunately, not every knows to lead a team or is not ready to do so in two years.

So my “seniors” two young women both best friends since school coming from a small village decided they didnt like me (as they did not like some other young FEMALE new Joiners) and did everything to make my life hard. Fortunately, they left soon and I was promoted to senior and finally to manager. My goal was to work even harder to become Partner which meant that through a partnership agreement I would co-own the firm. Thinking, once reached partnership I would earn so much not ever having to think about money again and being able to slow down a bit. But I soon noted that’s not how it works … Partnership (if you finally make it to it) means taking a huge loan to buy into the partnership starting off with a salary which after considering that you have to pay off the loan you took for the partnership is not that appealing anymore. Not only that, as a new partner you start from very below again, since you are the lowest type of partner and you need to work your way up again similar as I had already done as a fresh university graduate. When I realised that I asked myself are we like a donkey who is shown a carrot to run and run faster because he wants to get the carrot ….. he thinks he is very close so he runs faster… but poor donkey doesn’t know he will never get the carrot.

I started to read a lot and one of the books that made me realize that we do not have to trade our time for money was the book from Tim Ferris the “4 hour work week”. I must confess that I was hesitating a lot and many times before actually buying the book I saw it on the bookshops and did not want to buy it as the title was not appealing to me “THE 4 Hours work week” and thought I don’t want to work only 4 hours per week that’s something that lazy people do. I want to work very hard and many hours as that was my definition of an successful person waking up very early to go to work …..

I read the book many many years ago, I liked his ideas of working less and taking mini-retirements. However, I did not get the concept of creating an online business that pays for your mini retirements. Now looking back many years later and seeing how many youtuber, blogger and small online marketers are earning their living outside the 9 to 5 I started to understand that it is possible. Nowadays, the FIRE movement is also becoming more and more popular which means that you save a lot of money around 65% of your income and be able to retire in 10 years. Retiring only means not having to work to pay your bills but doing something meaningful or in general still working without being dependent on the salary and such being more flexible.

I feel that I have to go back to the 4 -hours work week book from Tim Ferris and read it again because initially I hadn’t understood all concepts he was talking about. Did it ever happen to you that you read a book and many years later you realise you have to read it again as the first time you read the book you missed or did not understand some very crucial information ? I wonder for how many people the booked changed their lives and how many could quit their 9 to 5 finally. I am still at my 9 to 5… would I have been able to quit the rat race if I would have understood what he was talking to initially and taking the right steps? The last question I will never know however, it’s not to late to take the right steps and read the book again!!!

This is not a blog advising about financials but a blog about books so please contact a certified financial consultant if you need advice.

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