Can books help? Did they ever help you? Which books to read during this time.

While it is important to be with other people during this time, don’t hide yourself for days alone in your home. It is also important to have some time on our own to digest the whole situation to understand what is going on and to take your time to let your mind and body cope with it. To do so you need to spend some time on your own. There are different things you can do while you are on your own some activities will be more helpful than others.

You could be just sitting there not doing anything but focussed on your sadness and emptiness. From my experience this makes it even worse because there is no distraction, no hope just you with your bitter thoughts. Better is, sitting down with a book a reading it. It will distract you, keep your focus away from you and your hard time but at the same time it will provide your mind with something to work on. Also, it can provide you with some hope (reading about someone who went to a similar situation and made it or reading about something completely different e.g. motivating you to plan and do things you love).

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